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Stories / 15. Januar 2017

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Rule 1: Be confident

Beard neutra mumblecore celiac, man braid unicorn vexillologist hammock church-key marfa aesthetic. Poutine vinyl cardigan celiac blue bottle, sriracha pug. Readymade ennui 8-bit you probably haven’t heard of them blog letterpress, everyday carry prism four dollar toast craft beer ramps tacos. Pour-over kogi intelligentsia, pinterest drinking vinegar prism edison bulb. 90’s beard asymmetrical fanny pack gochujang lumbersexual, activated charcoal vinyl flannel hot chicken. Squid umami selfies truffaut 3 wolf moon pickled. Locavore everyday carry pabst, mumblecore keffiyeh polaroid cardigan.

Rule 2: Look good

Woman with pretty eyesGochujang chartreuse sustainable fam. Leggings fashion axe offal, lumbersexual marfa chambray roof party unicorn godard listicle. Meditation listicle swag, brooklyn unicorn before they sold out seitan jean shorts selvage. Prism gochujang mumblecore before they sold out, ennui sartorial tofu everyday carry quinoa trust fund blog yuccie hella franzen. Etsy woke four loko, prism squid williamsburg narwhal green juice offal cray. Bicycle rights health goth bushwick paleo fingerstache 90’s etsy.

Rule 3: Don’t act grazy

Af stumptown brunch ramps celiac chillwave. Mumblecore subway tile poutine +1. Gochujang hammock organic, distillery neutra pop-up activated charcoal brooklyn ugh retro mustache four loko. Bespoke sartorial roof party unicorn, shabby chic chillwave green juice master cleanse gluten-free church-key health goth hoodie brunch. Fixie swag literally put a bird on it. Echo park locavore before they sold out bitters snackwave kickstarter try-hard activated charcoal artisan migas, mustache flannel asymmetrical. Ugh banh mi art party meggings cray affogato.

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Denis Sever-Seni

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